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Implicit solution is an e-learning platform designed to reduce unconscious bias in the mind. Our groundbreaking method uses games, exercises and virtual reality simulations to change unconscious bias. We create immersive experiences that encourage inclusive social and professional interaction. Our method is informed by 20 years of psychological research on unconscious bias.

With our program, users will avoid the stigma, anxiety, and fear of judgment often associated with traditional diversity and inclusion training. Our immersive simulations, games and exercises motivate learners to reduce their biases, privately and without judgment.  Our scientific method is more effective than traditional diversity and inclusion training, which merely teaches people to suppress and disguise biases.



Bridgette Davis, attorney, and serial entrepreneur, Ms. Davis has nearly 15 years of experience as an attorney, most of her career spent defending immigrants from deportation.  Ms. Davis became fluent in Spanish while living in Mexico for a year and nine months. Those language skills helped her earn a loyal client base among the Latino community.

She ran her own law office and parlayed those skills to partner with a construction company.  As partner of Monarca Construction, she was responsible for all legal and financial matters.  She also founded promotional products company, Dibz Merchandising. Ms. Davis created and marketed branded merchandise also served as a branding and promotional consultant to businesses. She most recently partnered with a chef in a food truck and catering company called Fire and Knives.  Her partner is pursuing the food truck business in Texas while she focuses on building Implicit Solution.

At the age of 42 Ms. Davis took up boxing despite never having participated in athletics.  She trained hard for 4 years and had her first professional bout in May of 2014. Bridgette Davis is the sole owner of Implicit Solution, Inc. and will soon seek minority and woman owned business certifications.

Dont just talk about bias. change it.

Training Modules

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Rethink Diversity and Inclusion Training 

Online unconscious bias training doesn't have to just sit there, it can be interactive, fun and effective.  We offer company culture analysis and after training follow up.  Your company, non-profit or government organization can train it's employees in an individualized, private environment on their own time.  Plus its cost effective!  Find out how you can get a free demo.

Law Enforcement

keep officers engaged and motivated

Law Enforcement agencies across the country are mandating unconscious bias training. Choose a training program your officers won't dread.  Virtual reality simulations coming soon!

Health Providers


Wellness professionals are more aware than ever how healthcare and outcome disparities cost everyone.  We are creating an evidence based training to address bias in health care.  Check us out!

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